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For questions regarding benefits please call 1-888-234-2416

For login or navigational assistance please call 1-855-859-0966


Login ID Format:

Login ID: Your first name, the first initial of your last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number 

Example for employee John Doe: Login ID is johnd3333  

**Note: If you have previously been employed with another agency, you may have to add an additional initial to your last name.  Example: Login ID - johndo3333


Initial Password: Your social security number without spaces or dashes 

Example for Employee with SSN 111-22-3333: Password is 111223333

**Note: This is your INITIAL password which should be used to log in if you are a first time user.  If you have already reset your password after initial login, you should use the new password that you have created to access the system.












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Due to security concerns, this web browser is not supported. Please download and login using one of the supported web browsers listed below.

Supported Web Browsers:
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